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28th Jan 2022

Rihanna releases men’s lingerie with harnesses, crop tops and fishnets just in time for Valentine’s

Kieran Galpin


Things are getting sexy, thanks to Rihanna

In her eternal wisdom, Rihanna has released a line of men’s lingerie – complete with harnesses, crop tops, and fishnets – just in time for Valentine’s day.


The Savage X Fenty line has made giant leaps and bounds in the way of inclusion by including people from all walks of life in their shows and marketing material. Now, Rihanna has launched a men’s lingerie set for Valentine’s Day- so you can throw out those crusty boxers and step into the world of luxury fashion.

“In 2020, Rihanna’s SavageX cast plus-size men’s model Steven G for a campaign. It was Green’s first modelling job. Since then, he’s worked with Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, as well as tools brand Haimler,” wrote Lucy Maguire in Vogue Business.

The collection features a range of cheeky additions with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. The campaign also features models of varying sizes, all rocking their sheer tops and love-heart bottoms with confidence.

Via Savage X Fenty

“The first underwear I’ve seen that I really want,” wrote one fan beneath Attitude magazine’s Instagram post on the outfits.

Another said: “Just found my next casual Friday outfit for the office. *has HR on standby*.”

Rihanna herself was also featured in the campaign, clad in a pastel pink lingerie set and matching hair.


Named the “Glossy Fossy” line, most of the clothes are in “Goji Berry Red” and of course, there’s lots of skin.

One mesh crop top cuts just above the nipples because, simply put, more nipple always means more fun. Unfortunately, this item has already sold out – but more stock is expected before the year’s horniest night.

While the clothing is certainly popular, there will undoubtedly be those who couldn’t think of themselves in anything besides a baggy shirt and boxers – and that’s totally fine. While Rihanna’s brand is all about confidence, that doesn’t come easy to some people.


According to the Mental Health Foundation, 28 per cent of men feel anxious about their body and a further 21 per cent say it has affected the way they dress.

While body issues among men are rarely talked about in the wider social sphere, there are brands looking to empower you and, for once, look in the mirror and think, “damn, I look sexy.”

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