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18th Nov 2018

Zach Braff drops huge hint of a Scrubs return as ‘The Todd’ brilliantly gatecrashes the reunion

Paul Moore

If you’re a Scrubs fan, you need to see this

A large part of the reason why Scrubs continues to inspire such a cult following is the characters that graced the hallways of Sacred Heart. On this note, we’ve already expressed our love for characters like Dr Cox, Turk, and The Janitor before, but outside of the main players, who is your favourite Scrubs character?

Bob Kelso had a habit of just waltzing in and stealing every scene that he’s in. Ted’s tragic and pathetic life made for some brilliant TV – we’ll always love Kelso’s scolding remark that “Ted’s not an impressive man” – while people like Dr Beardface, Jordan, and Doug all made memorable impressions.

This being said, these characters can’t rock a banana hammock while giving an endless amount of high-fives. Only The Todd can do that.

Well, there was a Scrubs reunion at Vulture Festival and Robert Maschio – who plays the chronic high-fiver – decided to crash the party at the 42-minute mark or 26 in minutes on the YouTube link.

In The Todd’s immortal words: “Self-five, for the big dog!”

Aside from this, Zach Braff has dropped another massive hint that the original cast of Scrubs could be returning for another season.

Now isn’t that the perfect medicine.

Clip via Taylor Juanita