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30th Sep 2016

You’re doing technology all wrong until you’ve got Kanye West giving you iPhone notifications


Matt Tate

Kanye West, in his own words, is the ‘greatest living artist’ – a cultural icon on a comparable level to Beethoven, Picasso, Walt Disney and, er, god.

We’re not here today to dispute these characteristically outrageous proclamations from Yeezy, but we would like to bestow upon him a new – slightly more modest but still incredibly important – accolade.

Kanye West is the best iPhone screensaver you can get.

Granted, the phone screensaver isn’t a hotly contested category. Others you regularly come across include tedious inspirational quotes about how to approach life, generic mountain vistas that Apple preinstalled and heavily Snapchat filtered pictures of your girlfriend that she uploaded without your permission and won’t let you change.

But the point remains: Kanye West is the best iPhone screensaver you can get.

Remember this picture?

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Runway

It was taken at the Yeezy Season 3 event at the beginning of the year and shows Kanye really soaking in the occasion.

The photo alone has become somewhat iconic, but only now has someone realised that there’s no better way to receive your iPhone notifications.

Now, everything your iPhone bothers you about: messages, news headlines, eye-watering contactless card payments and weather forecasts, will be brought to you by Kanye West. He’ll never admit it, but this is what the superstar rapper was born to do.

Although he does have competition…