The Young Offenders would love to see a crossover with Derry Girls 4 years ago

The Young Offenders would love to see a crossover with Derry Girls

This would be class.

This week was a memorable one for Irish comedy fans as The Young Offenders returned to our TV screens and we're delighted to say that Conor and Jock haven't changed a bit. Cork's biggest blaggards are still stealing bicycles, tormenting the Gardai and walking through the city in their jocks.


All this without mentioning "the shittest ma in Cork" - Conor's long-suffering mother that's brilliantly played by Hilary Rose.

Since being released in 2016, Peter Foott's comedy has become one of the biggest success stories in Irish cinema. The film quickly established itself on the festival circuit and found an adoring global audience after being picked up by Netflix.

It came as no surprise to see that the BBC were interested in continuing the story of Leeside's most beloved langers and in their new TV show, we get to see The Young Offenders as they navigate their awkward teenage years. Conor and Jock are constantly hatching plans and adventures to help distract from their tough home lives and their inability to stay out of trouble at school.


Before a single episode was aired, a second season of the show was given the go-ahead and when we caught up with Alex Murphy (Conor) and Chris Walley (Jock), the lads were in flying form.

Of course, The Young Offenders isn't the only Irish TV comedy that's setting the world alight at the minute. Lisa McGee's superb comedy Derry Girls has also been renewed for a second season after its magnificent six-episode run.

When JOE met with Alex Murphy and Chris Walley, we suggested the idea of a crossover and the lads are definitely on board.

Like everyone else, Chris Walley is a big fan of our beloved Derry Girls but he was slightly skeptical about how a crossover might work. "It's really great. I'm really enjoying that. That (crossover) would be weird though. We probably need a time machine or something. They'd be in their 40s," he said.


Rather than get our hopes down, Conor (Alex Murphy) was the rare voice of reason in a discussion with Jock. "I was saying that. A trip up to Derry. We should do that! The film is set in 2007, the TV show is modern so Season 2? Yeah. We'll get Jock and Conor up to mischief there. That would be good yeah!" he said.

Check out the interview below as the lads chat to us about Cillian Murphy's love for The Young Offenders, Bono looking for some freebies and what the show means to the people of Cork.



We also caught up with PJ Gallagher (Principal Barry Walsh) and Hilary Rose (Máiréad MacSweeney) and they told us why people can't get enough of Conor and Jock.