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20th May 2016

You can rent ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul’s phenomenal house on Airbnb

The actor's gaff would cost about £280 a night.

Ellen Tannam

Aaron Paul is best known for his iconic portrayal of the troubled Jesse Pinkman on one of the greatest TV shows ever made, Breaking Bad.

The 36-year-old actor was born in the small town of Emmett, Idaho, and is now based in Boise, Idaho.

His home in Boise is a stunning two-bedroom property, and, as it turns out, is listed on rental website Airbnb. It’s about $400/£280 per night, and for that, you get to chill in some pretty palatial surroundings.

The entire home is powered by a geothermal hot spring and has a gorgeous indoor swimming pool.

Airbnb said:

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul is no stranger to the Airbnb community…Guests can relax in Paul’s geothermal hot spring, located in the centre of the estate, which can be altered to their temperature preference.”

Maybe don’t start cooking meth while you’re staying there, though. He’d probably get mad.

The listing is currently suspended on Airbnb’s site, so we’re guessing too many people tried to book all at once. Keep an eye on it though, it might pop back up!

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(All images via Airbnb)