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You can now be a part of the Always Sunny gang and it's totally badass
Hey-oooh! Listen up jabronis, this is great.

Hey-oooh! Listen up jabronis, this is great.

We all know that if you wander into Dennis Reynolds' bedroom you're probably being filmed, but Mac gets more creative with his use of VHS tapes. Yes, that's right!

It's time to light the pyrotechnics because there's a new 'Project Badass' video and you can be a part of it.

If you fancy joining in with the madness of Dennis, Dee, Charlie, Mac, and Frank, this new VR video is just the thing for you.

We love the fact that the small clip has managed to absolutely nail what makes the show so magical. Take a look as Dennis happily embraces his perverted ways, Charlie makes an absolute balls of the stunt and Frank, well, he's off in corner dancing with a woman while eating ice-cream.

Grab your duster and hop on. This is essential for any fans of the superb comedy.


Clip via - Black Parade

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