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X Factor viewers are raging after two of the acts broke an important rule
Not impressed

Were you watching X Factor this weekend?

If so, you'll know that this week the contestants were singing George Michael songs to mark his incredible career but this didn't exactly go to plan.

Two of the acts decided to sing songs that George Michael covered instead of ones from his impressive back catalogue and, unsurprisingly, viewers were really annoyed.

The Cutkelvins siblings sang Seal’s Killer and The Temptations’ Papa Was A Rolling Stone, songs that George Michael sang before while Grace Davies went with I Can't Make You Love Me, the Bonnie Raitt version.

Fans of the show expressed their rage at the fact that these contestants 'broke' the long-standing rule by sending the below tweets.

Needless to say, they were NOT happy.


Yep, that decision on Grace's behalf didn't impress viewers, it had the very opposite effect.


The same goes for The Cutkelvins too.

Yep, this weekend shows didn't impress X Factor viewers so here's hoping next week's Crazy in Love theme is an improvement...

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