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02nd May 2018

WWE wrestler Kane is now the mayoral candidate for a US county

If Trump can be president, why not?

Wil Jones

If Trump can be president, why not?

Kane is one of WWE’s most enduring characters. First introduced 1997, he was the onscreen long-lost brother of The Undertaker who came back to take revenge on his brother. He was supposedly disfigured in a fire as a child, as thus wore a mask and full red bodysuit, and spoke with voicebox. He also loved fire.

Initially he was a terrifying unstoppable monster. But over his two-plus decades in WWE, he since taken on multiple roles – including becoming a comedy character, unmasking, putting his mask back on, taking off a second time, fighting an evil doppelgänger, teaming up with his brother, then turning on him again multiple times, and most recently putting on a suit to become ‘Corporate Kane’.

Now he’s step into perhaps his most unexpected role: elected official. The man behind the mask, Glenn Jacobs, has been active in libertarian politics, and March 2017 he announced that he was running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee as a Republican. And in the early hours of May 1st, and the man known as The Big Red Machine, or The Devil’s Favourite Demon secured the GOP nomination.

Kane had been out on the campaign trail, in his civies, and photos of him dressed as a regular human being will never not be fascinating.

Hilariously, there is a flame on his official campaign logo.

Imagine 7ft, 323 lb Kane turning up at your door unannounced, to tell you about libertarian politics.

Of course, Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame, so Kane being in office isn’t really that crazy in 2018. He’s also not the first wrestler to succeed in politics. 1980s WWE wrestler, commentator and Predator star Jesse Ventura served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, before going on to host a TV show about conspiracies with June Sarpong (yes, really). Attitude Era star Rhyno also ran for Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, but failed to get in office. Best of all though is masked Japanese wrestler The Great Sasuke, who serves as Iwate Prefectural Assembly legislator in his homeland – unlike Kane, he kept his mask on while he was in office!