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22nd Oct 2015

WWE fans lose their minds as Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to Raw


Kevin Beirne

Stone Cold Steven Austin fans, give us a hell yeah.

Back when the WWE was still the WWF, the sound of glass smashing was enough to send shivers down the spine of any wrestling fan.

Unfortunately, the Attitude Era came to an end in 2003 when Steve Austin was forced to retire due a series of debilitating injuries. While he carried on in a non-wrestling role at first, he has since slipped away from the WWE scene.

But after four years away from the ring, the Texas Rattlesnake made an appearance on Monday Night Raw to promote his podcast as well as hype up the fans for Wrestlemania 32 – which will be held in Texas in April.

In case he was worried at all that people wouldn’t remember him, just listen to the scream that goes up once he intro music starts.