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15th Feb 2018

Here are the worst-reviewed films that were all nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars

Some very controversial selections here

Paul Moore

Some very controversial selections here.

Now that we’re in awards season, film fans have a clearer opinion of what they’d consider to be the best film of the year. Granted, it’s rare that any two people will see a film in the same way and while a general consensus among film critics is usually a decent barometer of quality, there can be times when the critics are out of touch.

As we’ve frequently stated, Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the be-all and end-all of film criticism – for God’s sake, that site has Man on Fire rated at 39% – but there’s no denying its influence on film fans. This being said, the review-aggregator website Metacritic is a far more reliable indicator of critical opinion.

Again, just because a few critics don’t like a film doesn’t mean the public will- the recent successes of Bright and Fifty Shades Freed are proof of this – but Metacritic has released their list of the worst-reviewed films that received a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars.

As always, Paul Haggis’ Oscar-winning drama Crash made the list but there are some very surprising entries including Gladiator, Braveheart, The Green Mile, As Good as It Gets and Mississippi Burning. In our view, they’re all extremely good films.

Further proof that the critics don’t always get it right.

In order of ‘average’ ratings to ‘good’ ratings, here’s what the critics think are the ‘worst’ Best Picture nominees from the last 30 years.

Crash is better than Gladiator? Jog on!

#24: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – 46%
#23: Ghost – 52%
#21 (tie): The Accidental Tourist – 53%
#21 (tie): The Blind Side – 53%
#20: Field of Dreams – 57%
#19: The Reader – 58%
#17 (tie): Life Is Beautiful – 59%
#17 (tie): Scent of a Woman – 59%
#16: The Godfather: Part III – 60%
#15: The Green Mile – 61%
#13 (tie): A Few Good Men – 62%
#13 (tie): The Help – 62%
#12: Les Miserables – 63%
#10 (tie): Chocolat – 64%
#10 (tie): The Sixth Sense – 64%
#7 (tie): Mississippi Burning – 65%
#7 (tie): The Prince of Tides – 65%
#7 (tie): Rain Man – 65%
#6: Moulin Rouge! – 66%
#3 (tie): As Good as It Gets – 67%
#3 (tie): Gladiator – 67%
#3 (tie): Finding Neverland – 67%
#2: Braveheart – 68%
#1: Crash – 69%