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14th May 2022

Women only showers once a week but says husband doesn’t care

April Curtin

(Photo: TikTok / @reindrrop)

She took to TikTok to reveal exactly why she only showers every seven days

A woman has admitted to the world that she only showers once a week, and her husband is apparently completely cool with it.

Reina, who goes by the name @reindrrop on TikTok, sent the internet into meltdown with her video stating that she only showers weekly.

Speaking on one of her videos, she said: “Sunday is a blessed day for me for one reason and one reason only and that is I’m finally going to shower. It’s been seven days since I last bathed, so at this point we’re gross.”

The TikToker explained how she intentionally saves her shower for the day she does cardio exercise, “because it doesn’t matter how sweaty and disgusting I get, I’m going to shower right after anyway.”

What’s more, is that she doesn’t even shower at home, but at the gym.

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So, the ultimate question, why does she only shower once a week?

In a follow-up video answering this very question, she said: “I just don’t like it.”

Reina then delved further into the reasons, which included the “time commitment” involved. Wet hair also gives her the “ick”, she said, and she won’t use a hairdryer because she doesn’t like the sound.

The TikToker noted that her skin is a lot better since she stopped showering as often, and she said she also enjoys saving water and products.

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When asked whether her husband minds her only showering every seven days, Reina said no.

Showing her wedding ring, she said: “Does he mind it enough to get the government involved to separate us? I hope not…”

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