Woman with huge middle finger goes viral on TikTok 1 month ago

Woman with huge middle finger goes viral on TikTok

Long finger + TikTok = internet fame

A 16-year-old from Arizona has wowed the TikTok community with her ludicrously long middle finger. We truly are living through a golden era of culture.


Olivia Mercea's TikTok, in which she demonstrates the mighty length of her middle finger, has racked up over four million views and almost a million likes. A subsequent video she posted has manage to get another 600,000 views, proving that the internet can't get enough of the middle finger content.

Olivia's finger comes in at an impressive five inches (ahem), and it seems that she has embraced the uniqueness of her digit.

@olliviahahasorry you had to see it? ##YesDayChallenge ##greenscreenvideo ##viral♬ original sound - Amir Yass

Unsurprisingly she has called the reaction to her video 'insane' and admitted that she "never thought that it would reach the level it has." Olivia has said that although it was an insecurity at first, she has "realised it was actually pretty funny and something that would always bring out laughs."


She is right to be proud of the finger. In palm reading a long middle finger can demonstrate natural leadership or that a person will be prosperous and healthy in their middle age. The more you know hey?

Another benefit must be that whenever she flips the bird at someone, they probably feel like they have just been screamed at. You certainly wouldn't miss that if you cut her off in traffic.

And for the all the other potential benefits of having such a long finger, I'm sure that those in the comments of the video are already way ahead of you.

Yet again TikTok has proven itself to be the gift that keeps on giving.