William and Kate's reactions to the Royal Variety Performance were deeply amusing 3 years ago

William and Kate's reactions to the Royal Variety Performance were deeply amusing

True to their word, the show contained Royals and there was a lot of variety.

Last night's Royal Variety Performance provided viewers with the usual spectacle of song, dance, theatre and comedy. But all eyes were on the Royals for their thumbs up or thumbs down evaluation of each individual act, signalling whether or not these brave gladiators would be sent to slaughter.


William and Kate were sufficiently palatable throughout the festivities, at times giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of their affluent minds, when the lighting and camera conditions allowed it.

Behold, the highlights of their airtime on last night's Royal Variety Performance.

His and Her Royal Highness appeared concerned about this man blatantly being unable to see his music notes



They were visibly trying to avoid Michael Ball's intense eye contact during the National Anthem


They tried to laugh off a young girl from the cast of Annie asking Prince William to gallop



Then Prince William literally galloped because a small child asked him to, and he didn't want to seem like a dry arse



Yes, I have made this available in gif form





Kate Middleton loved it


In summary:


William and Kate politely smiled while Miranda took a selfie that was never going to work because she was roughly 12km away


They looked sufficiently uncomfortable as the audience offered them three cheers of hip hip hooray at the end


Once the proceedings ended, they were quick to get out of their seats so as to beat the traffic home


Kate playfully touched William's arm during their interaction with Miranda to assert dominance


William tried and failed to hide his dissatisfaction at anything The Script have released since their self-titled debut album


Kate inquired with The Killers as to whether Jenny really was a friend of theirs


William blanked Paloma Faith because she didn't name her baby YaGottaHave


Kate asked the guy off Benidorm why he was dressed so poorly in her presence


William asked Seal if he likes clubbing


Finally, Kate failed to notice it, but Christopher Dean found his new Torvill



Images via ITV