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07th Jan 2017 appeared to sneak in a crafty dab on The Voice

Major news...


It’s 2017, and the dab is still a thing.

The dance craze that originated over in the States was everywhere on these shores last year and, despite the best efforts of 30-odd year-old footballers such as Dirk Kuyt, has remained in popular culture.

Reminding us that it’s *still* not gone away properly, appeared to sneak a crafty dab into the first episode of The Voice, which aired for the first time on ITV on Saturday night.

The first performer of the new series was 31-year-old Jason Jones, whose rendition of that-one-who-left-One Direction’s song was enough to convince the Black Eyed Peas man to hit his red button, a symbol that he’s good enough to reach the next level of a talent show whose eventual winner will probably be forgotten a couple of weeks after the series ends.

Anyway, look at how he presses his button…

Plenty of people appear to think that he did indeed dab, and the reaction was mixed.

Some weren’t impressed…

Others were…

Seriously though, can we just stop this now?