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19th Jun 2018

Will Ferrell is going to star in a comedy about the Eurovision Song Contest

Dave Hanratty

Yes, you read that right…

It’s the superstar team-up you’ve always dreamed of but never thought would actually happen – Will Ferrell is going to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In a manner of speaking, at least.

The talented funnyman has signed on the dotted line with Netflix to star in Eurovision – catchy title – a comedy built around the wildly popular, long-running competition that Ireland is seemingly never going to win again.

Deadline reports that Ferrell is also onboard as writer and producer, and that Adam McKay of Anchorman fame will oversee things in an executive producer capacity.

In addition to that, Ferrell will pen the screenplay with Andrew Steele, a long-time collaborator and former head writer at Saturday Night Live.

Plot details are scarce as of now, but it’s Will Ferrell in a film not just inspired by, but actually about the Eurovision, so you can all but guarantee a few musical numbers.

Ferrell is no stranger to singing in his movies, of course, having belted out songs in the likes of Step Brothers and while taking to the SNL stage.