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05th Jul 2017

Why Charlie and Frank from Always Sunny are better than your real mates

We love the gruesome twosome

Paul Moore

We love the gruesome twosome.

There have been some incredible duos in recent TV history but Charlie and Frank from the utterly brilliant ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ are the most interesting.

They just have the most warped, depraved and messed up friendship that you’re going to see on TV because they’re both incredibly happy living in trash, boiling their denim and collecting crabs.

With this in mind, here’s our 14 point plan to help you and your friends become just as close as the gruesome twosome.

Play nightcrawlers.

The test of true friendship is when you and your friends are happy to pretend to be worms and crawl around the floor at night together.


Bang the one person you mate loves the most.

Charlie is obsessed with the waitress so naturally all of his friends have banged her.

Frank did try and repair some of the damage though by breaking into her home and scaring the living s**t out of her. It’s a special friendship.

Frank The Waitress

Get naked in the sewer together.

We’re told that Frank and Charlie like to hang out in the sewer and look for rings and coins. Naturally they’re naked so they don’t get s**t and piss all over their clothes.

Whatever you do, just don’t hang out with Duncan down by the bridge.

Charlie Frank Boat

Huff some cat food before sleeping together.

Make this a part of your nighttime ritual.

If you and your friends are comfortable in each others company, you might even think about pooping the bed.

Clip via – jake oakley

Start boiling your denim.

If you ever decide to hang out underneath a bridge then you’ll learn the meaning of true friendship.

If you ever come across a box of jeans, you need to split them 50-50.

Clip via – Frank Reynolds (Best of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Go on a double date.

Having a good wingman with an egg can help your romantic life, especially if you just happened to puke blood capsules all over your date.

Egg Sunny

Spike your friends drink with LSD.

Whenever you decide to trip balls, it’s good idea to have a spotter.

Wear matching clothes

If your friend can’t read then just say these words ‘he’ll adapt’

Matching clothes

Crack each others back.

How their apartment managed to get infected with Haitian bedbugs is beyond me.

Don’t get too greedy with the toe knife also.

Frank Charlie

Become trash people.

They’re the garbage kings of Philadelphia for a reason but if that plan fails…

Trash sunny

Become crab people.

Frank’s endless schemes are utterly brilliant.

‘The Warthog’ will never go away and we’re interested to see what he has planned with crowtein.

Work on your dance moves.

People will love it on a Saturday night.
Gruesome Twosome

Marry each other.

Strictly for tax purposes of course because in Frank’s words “I’m not going to get my dick cut off and sold to China”

Frank Charlie Married

See if your best friend is actually your dad.

It’s very possible that the gruesome twosome are actually father and son.

We can see the resemblance.