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22nd Mar 2017

Wheel of Fortune contestant makes one of the greatest cock-ups in gameshow history

Anyone else reminded of a certain South Park episode after watching this?

Conor Heneghan

Anyone else reminded of a certain South Park episode after watching this?

While the rewards are often great, there are numerous pitfalls that come with being a game show contestant on live television, chief among them the capacity to embarrass oneself in front of a massive audience.

There have been countless examples of people doing just that over the years, and a contestant named Kevin on Wheel of Fortune delivered a quite spectacular one on Tuesday night.

He successfully managed to uncover 20 out of 21 letters in a puzzle that read: ‘A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE’.

Kevin then decided to go for it, guessing that the missing letter was a ‘K’.

That ‘K’ of course, would have meant the answer read as ‘A Streetcar Naked Desire’, which sounds like a very hot and heavy version of the famous Tennessee Williams play.

The reaction of the presenter (a withering “Nooooooo”) and the audience tell you all you need to know about how spectacularly bad Kevin’s estimate was.

Although to be fair, he’s not the only one to have cocked up a Wheel of Fortune opportunity in these circumstances.

Granted, the previous example occurred in a cartoon, but Kevin should find some solace in the fact that Randy Marsh feels his pain.

Clip via Valhalla Gaming Network.

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