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11th Jan 2019

The teaser trailer for the What We Do in the Shadows TV show is excellent

Paul Moore

what we do in the shadows

The wonderful comedy is now a TV show with the original creators on board

Director, writer, priest, comedian, Oscar-nominee, Hitler (in his new film Jojo Rabbit), vampire, Korg.

We’re firmly of the belief that there’s nothing Taika Waititi can’t do and while everyone has fallen in love with the filmmaker from New Zealand after his work on Thor: Ragnarok, the director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Boy previously made a very memorable impression with his wonderful mockumentary, What We Do in the Shadows.

Co-written and directed by Jemaine Clement, who is one of the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, the film is an absolute riot and has frequently been hailed as the finest horror comedy of the last decade.

It was confirmed a while ago that a US version is coming to our TV screens and the first few teasers suggest like they’ve really nailed the irreverent, surreal, and downright weird tone that made the original such a cult-classic.

Kayvan Novak (Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds Are Go), Matt Berry (The IT Crowd, Toast of London), Natasia Demetriou (Year Friends) and Harvey Guillen (The Thundermans, The Internship) will be playing the new gang of vampires.

The series moves the setting from Wellington, New Zealand to New York City as a documentary crew follows a new group of vampires as they deal with the typical mundanities of living with roommates in the big city.

Here’s hoping that the werewolves – not swearwolves – also get a cameo.