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21st Apr 2018

Westworld star has the most perfect response when asked about plot spoilers for Season 2

The awesome sci-fi show returns this weekend

Rory Cashin

The awesome sci-fi show returns this weekend

With the new season of Game Of Thrones not arriving until 2019, it is probably safe to say that Westworld is the most talked-about and anticipated show of the year.

In the lead-up to the first episode of Season 2 premiere,’s Paul Moore had the opportunity to chat to Rodrigo Santoro.

You might recognise Santoro as the hunky love-interest for Laura Linney in Love, Actually, or the bald and golden dictator that takes on Gerard Butler in 300, but in Westworld, he plays “host” Hector Escaton, who goes through some major changes in the first season thanks to fellow-robot Maeve Millay (played by Thandie Newton).

Westworld has had one of the most rabid fan-bases this side of Lost, with viewers attempting to read into every tiny clue and hint as to what it might mean for the future.

So we had to ask, when the first season ended, and with the second season about to kick off, how hard has it been to keep plot twists to himself, and he absolutely nailed the viewers’ experience with his reply:

“I feel that people want to know, but also they don’t want to know.”

“In a way, if you just spill the beans, then what is the fun of trying to understand what is going on. I find it hard, especially right now when I have to talk about it, without really talking deeply about things.”

“In a way, ultimately, I feel the viewers do want to be a part of the final reason. At the the end of the day, […] the human experience of watching it, and what viewers will encounter, that will be the final result.”

That mentality of wanting to know but also NOT wanting to know perfectly describes the dichotomy of viewing a show with so many potential plot-twists, and Santoro ensured us that during the episodes in the new season, things get very twisted, very quickly.

Season 2 of Westworld kicks off on Now TV, with the first episode available to stream from 2am on Monday 23 April, as it debuts at the same time as the States.

Check out the trailer for the new season right here:

Clip via HBO