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06th Dec 2016

West Ham co-owner David Gold falls for the oldest Twitter trick in the book

Schoolboy error.


In a way, it’s reassuring to know that David Gold is definitely in charge of his own Twitter account.

The West Ham United co-owner has been involved in more than a few social media slip-ups in the past, but he shows no signs of relinquishing the reins to his 164,000-follower page.

We’re all familiar with his campaign against Daylight Savings Time, weighed in on the London Stadium debate with a moon landings comparison and confused two West Ham players-in-waiting.

As faux pas go, those are all fairly creative, so it’s almost underwhelming to see the 80-year-old get stung by a less creative part of the Twitter gag canon.

A West Ham fan going by the name of Charley asked Gold to send his best wishes to his little brother, who had just started at a new school.

However, as you can probably guess, the accompanying photo wasn’t of Charley’s brother at all – rather it was a picture of ‘Inbetweeners’ character Will McKenzie.

But Mr Gold is a trusting man.

Rather than wondering why the pupil in question would be starting a new school in December, he was happy to take the word of what he figured would have to be a well-meaning fellow Hammer.

After all, he surely remembers how stressful it was when he moved to a new school himself, what harm is there in a good luck message to someone in the same boat?


Quite fittingly, this can probably be classed as the literal definition of a schoolboy error.

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