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10th Feb 2017

Will Arnett prank calls a toy store as LEGO Batman and it’s brilliant

Conor Heneghan

Will Arnett is a funny, funny man.

His Batman character was arguably the best thing about the first LEGO movie and we’re obviously not the only ones to think it because the character got a movie of his own, which has just been released this week.

Arnett has been doing the promotional circuit in the lead-up to the movie’s release and took part in a slot on BBC Radio 1 called ‘Alphabeticall’, requiring the star of the show to start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet, starting, conveniently enough, with the letter ‘A’.

A kind lady at a toy store in Bury St Edmunds was the victim of the prank on this occasion and though she had no clue what was going on, she managed to remain patient until Will had to pull out all the stops with some of the more difficult letters towards the end.

Give yourself a good laugh with this…

Clip via BBC Radio 1