WATCH: This could be the most cringeworthy moment on First Dates...ever 3 years ago

WATCH: This could be the most cringeworthy moment on First Dates...ever

Oh dear.

First dates can be nerve wracking enough: you want to make sure you're asking the right questions but not too many questions; that your dressed up in the perfect outfit - and most of all, that it's at the ideal location.

But, despite all the potential for some awfully awkward moments, we doubt you'll experience anything quite as awkward as this.

Roman Kemp appeared on Celebrity First Dates earlier this week, where he confessed that it's not always easy dating - because his girlfriends often end up fancying his famous dad.

He explained in a piece to camera:

"One thing that I've had to deal with throughout my life is knowing that my dad is better looking than me.

"Do you know how many girlfriends I've had that have said: 'Your dad's really fit'? Do you know how much that sucks?"

The Capital Radio Breakfast host's dad is Martin Kemp, of Spandau Ballet fame - and known for being a bit of a heartthrob.

The musician (pictured above), who played Steve Owen in EastEnders for a number of years, also featured on Gary Barlow's talent show Let It Shine. 

But when his date asked him about his parents, Roman appeared to be nervous as he revealed that his dad was in Spandau Ballet.

And while she may not have recognised the band, she perked up when Roman revealed his dad was an actor and had previously been in EastEnders.

But she hadn't pieced together the clues, and it looked like Roman was going to get through the night without her realising who his famous dad was.

The rest of the evening was going well...until someone else ended up spilling the beans about Roman's dad.

One of the waitresses stopped by and said:

"Your dad's Martin, right?"

As Roman confirmed it, the waitress turned to his date and said, "His dad's fit. He's fit," before admitting she had photos of him on her phone.

Urged to show her  photo, Roman did a quick Google search before showing her a (slightly orange) shot of Martin.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes grew wider, before she exclaimed:

"He looks like Paul Hollywood!"

Roman laughed out loud, before saying he'd tell his dad that.

Watch the full moment below: