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08th Jun 2018

WATCH: The trailer for HBO’s new Robin Williams documentary presents an intimate and personal story

Dave Hanratty

“You’re only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you’re nothing.”

It’s almost four years since Robin Williams passed away suddenly at the age of 63.

The late comedian and actor was a beloved figure for many, having dominated both stage and screen for years with fearless, wide-ranging performances.

Whether it was embodying the Genie in Aladdin, providing a sensitive shoulder for Matt Damon to cry on in Good Will Hunting or hamming it up in Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams always left a memorable impression.

His presence was genuinely unique, and his passing has left many musing on the often strange and tragic nature of comedy and those who devote their lives to the craft.

The team at HBO have sought to capture those elements for their latest documentary effort; Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, which gets an American premiere on the TV network next month.

Clip via HBO

The film features contributions from Williams’ family as well as comedic peers such as Steve Martin, Billy Crystal and Eric Idle.

Directed by Marina Zenovich, the new documentary is very much a ‘life and times’ affair, focusing on the good, the bad, and the difficult struggles that came with Williams’ legendary career.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind gets its debuting airing on HBO on 16 July.