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26th Apr 2017

WATCH: The bloody, brutal, epic first look at Call Of Duty: WWII has arrived

Stunning visuals

Rory Cashin

After going into the not-too-distant future of Advanced Warfare, the Call Of Duty franchise is going right back to basics with WWII, and this game looks like it will be taking no prisoners.

The reveal trailer shows off the eye-poppingly impressive graphics which are all apparently in-game, and we get to see a Saving Private Ryan-esque violent and breathless beach landing, before moving further inland on mainland Europe.

According to the game’s publishers, CoD: WWII is an honest portrayal of World War II from the perspective of the famed 1st Infantry Division, with an ensemble cast of global and diverse characters.

Through stunning visuals and intense audio, players storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, march across France to liberate Paris and ultimately push forward into Germany in some of the most monumental battles of all-time.

Also, in the trailer below, is that Josh Duhamel we’re hearing/seeing as our gruff commander?

The game is due for release on 3 November on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with pre-bookers getting early access to the PS4-only multiplayer beta.

And finally, last but not least, yes… there will be a zombie mode. Nazi zombies. Like you needed that final reason to buy it?

Clip via Call of Duty