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18th Apr 2017

WATCH: The Big Show and Braun Strowman literally destroyed the WWE Raw ring last night

"You gotta be kidding me!"

Rich Cooper

What happens when one giant man fights another giant man?

That’s exactly what happened on Monday night’s WWE Raw, and the results were *explosive*.

The main event saw The World’s Largest Athlete (Big Show) face off against the Monster Among Men (Braun Strowman) in a clash of the titans that was truly, well, titanic.

Seeing the pair of mammoth men go toe-to-toe was like watching two warships crashing into each other, with every slam into the mat still being felt in neighbouring universes.

Then, right at the end, a spectacular suplex from the top rope, which brought the house down – almost literally.

Get your eyes round this.

(Skip to 2:00 if you just want the carnage.)

BAM. The ring bursts apart, with the poor referee sent reeling over the ropes (or where the ropes used to be, to be exact). Yeah yeah, it’s a stunt, but it looks so awesome that it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

And you know what, here it is in slow motion, just because.