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It's not often that Countdown has to bleep out a rude word, but it happened today
We can hear you giggling at the back.

Countdown has been entertaining college students and those at home during the day for a long time now.

We've seen some great moments on the show in the past, but for some reason the quiz show tends to attract more attention whenever there's an opportunity to be a bit more immature about it all.

You know, moments like this.

This raised a few chuckles too, come to think of it.

Now take a moment, with the letters shown below and see can you make any words out of it. Bear in mind what you've just read, too.

Ok, if you've given it 30 seconds, watch the video below...


Yes, you won't have heard because it was beeped out, but Susie Dent did manage to find the word "shithead" on Countdown,

What a time to be alive.

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