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26th Jul 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 looks a little bit special

Graphic images

Paul Moore

Barcelona and the beautiful game. Bliss.

Messi or Ronaldo? Real or Barca? FIFA or Pro Evo? Even the most precise through-ball from Andres Iniesta couldn’t split these topics of debate.

While EA and the FIFA franchise currently has the upper hand, KONAMI  can definitely rely on the hardcore Pro Evo fans to pick up a copy of the game when it’s released on September 15 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

We’re promised smarter goalkeepers, better ball control and even more tactical options to choose from, but as always, the graphics will also be making a leap forward.

Take a look at what’s in store.

The recreation on Neymar’s goal vs Villarreal and the overhead from Suarez are a little bit special.

Clip via –officialpes

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