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09th Oct 2016

Check out Pierce Brosnan in this amazing Indian advert for pan masala

Best thing you'll see all day.

Carl Anka

Every now and again a Hollywood celebrity picks up some advert work on the international scene.

It’s a bit like that advert for male lipstick Joey did in Friends – you do the work because it’s decent money, you can have some fun, and worse come to worse, no one back home sees it.

At least… that’s how it used to work out. Thanks to the glory of Youtube and the world wide web, all adverts are fair game for all audiences.

Take the former James Bond, Mr. Pierce Brosnan for example.

The actor has been relatively quiet on the film front in recent years (we don’t talk about Survivor, thank you), but it turns out he’s been getting prepared for a venture into the world of TV adverts… in India.

We looked in disbelief as we saw him execute some of the moves he learned from his role as 007 to put down baddies in this new advert.

The man who played the swashbuckling, suave, and charming super-spy that was James Bond… and he’s starring in this commercial.

They company must have very, very deep pockets with equally long arms willing to delve into them…

Video via ET BrandEquity

This photo was in the Times of India recently and we have to say, we’re impressed by the star power Brosnan still commands over in India.


Check out that salt and pepper beard. Swoon…



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