WATCH: Idris Elba opens DJ set with Bond theme tune 3 years ago

WATCH: Idris Elba opens DJ set with Bond theme tune

He just keeps fanning those flames

Are you... are you... mad about Idris Elba potentially being James Bond? Are you? Why are you angry about that? Do you have a good reason for being angry about that? Do you? Yeah? Really? Just the idea of him being Bond? Just the remote possibility yeah? That upsets you, does it? Explain.


Is your argument for it upsetting you that "James Bond is a white man"? Is it? Is that your argument? Because James Bond was white in the books, which have provided little to no basis for the films in recent years, which were written in the 1950s and 60s, when James Bond could only be a fucking white, upper-class, private-schooled character? That's it is it? Is that it?

Do you really think James Bond must be that exact same character forever, even though Daniel Craig's modern interpretation of Bond catapulted a tired franchise into relevance again? Is that all? Is that your reasoning? The entirety of it? That he can never change? Because what was once an accurate depiction of a typical British man must always be? Even as the world has completely changed around it? That because he was described as a white man in the book he must always, always be a white man? Even though it's outdated, tired, largely inaccurate and completely unresonant with the vast majority of people? You know he's fictional right? You know that, surely? Surely you must realise that? Do you know that, hold on, this one might shock you, do you know that, sometimes, sorry, almost all of the time, when a book is turned into a film, it is adapted? Which is to say, that the film often doesn't follow the book exactly? Did you know? Crazy, right?

Are you still angry? Are you still mad that after 24 (TWENTY-FOUR) James Bond films, and seven different actors, are you still mad that they might change things for the purpose of making a better film, for more people to enjoy? Are you still fucking livid about that? WHY!?


Or is it because he is black? Is it because the single best actor for the role, with the best CV, the most charming, the best looking, the one most people would love to see completely own the role... is currently black? Rather than a tired old white man? Is that it? Be honest. Is that really why?

Here's Idris Elbra, he doesn't give a fuck what you think:


He opened his DJ set at Elrow Festival with the Bond theme tune. He knows what he is doing. He knows he is under the skin of exactly the people whose skin he should be under.

He's already the people's Bond, whether you like it or not.