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08th Apr 2017

WATCH: Friday’s Red Chair segment on Graham Norton was an emotional rollercoaster with a beautiful ending

It is amazing

Rory Cashin

Ah, Graham. You do miss him when he’s gone, don’t you?

Last night his couch was so overflowing with talent that he had to bring them out in shifts.

First he had Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman to promote their new crime caper Going In Style.

Then Jack Whitehall and Gemma Whelan arrived to talk about their new period drama Decline And Fall.

And before long they were joined by the night’s musical act, Take That.

But despite all of the superstardom on the display, everyone was talking about this Red Chair segment.

Valerio took to the crimson throne to tell Graham, the guests, the audience and the world that his wife Alma – who was in the audience – was pregnant, but that they didn’t know the sex of the baby yet.

Thinking this was the best opportunity, Valerio was about to make a big romantic public gesture, but Graham had other ideas…

Clip via BBC

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you present a talk show.