Watch Freddie Flintoff and Kelly Brook strut their stuff in Comic Relief 2017 dance-off 5 years ago

Watch Freddie Flintoff and Kelly Brook strut their stuff in Comic Relief 2017 dance-off

It's that time of year again.

Celebrities these days have all sorts of publicists, agents and stylists making sure they look perfect at all times and their public personas are always impeccable. But once a year that all goes out of the window and they're suddenly prepared to make utter fools of themselves all in the name of charity.


Two such celebs are Freddie Flintoff Kelly Brook, who have teamed up with Fitbit to challenge the UK to a dance-off to raise £150k for this year’s Red Nose Day. Freddie and Kelly faced off in an epic dance-off, and while the ex-England cricketer did his best to bring it, Kelly had a secret weapon up her sleeve in the form of dance master Louie Spence.

You can check out the video below, and if it makes you feel like dancing, you just stay tuned.


Freddie, Kelly and Louie want Britain to get involved and take up the Step Up, Get Down dance challenge. If you upload a video of you and your pals dancing incorporating the ‘Fitbit Flick’ (dusting your shoulder with your hand) Fitbit will donate £15 to Red Nose Day. Make sure you use the hashtag #StepUpGetDown when uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That's £15 for every video uploaded, by the way, so there's potential to raise a whole lot of money for Red Nose Day. Freddie Flintoff said: “I’m not known for my killer dance moves, but that’s why the Step Up, Get Down campaign is so much fun, as you don’t need to be the best dancer to take part.

"So step up and get involved – it’s the easiest way to help Fitbit donate £150,000 to Comic Relief this Red Nose Day.”

For more information on how you can get involved, head to the Fitbit Red Nose Day site.