WATCH: Comic Relief got a little awkward when Sir Lenny Henry snapped at drunken guests 5 years ago

WATCH: Comic Relief got a little awkward when Sir Lenny Henry snapped at drunken guests

In fairness he had a point.

Comic Relief is known for its japes, star turns and incredible fundraising feats. Its brand of often broad comedy may not always be to everyone's tastes, but we can put aside our critical eyes and cynicism for one night as everyone involved in the telethon works for free to entertain the masses and raise money for great causes.


Thanks to the incredible generosity of the great British public, Friday's show managed to raise a staggering £71 million and counting. That money will be put to work, transforming lives across the UK and the world’s poorest communities. All those who contributed their time, effort, talent and money should be very proud.

Although there was one moment amidst all the merriment that was slightly awkward viewing. Popular chat show host Graham Norton was attempting to set a record for the longest sofa of celebrity guests, and had just got started with Sir Lenny Henry, Jessica Hynes, Hugh Skinner, Martine McCutcheon and Gordon Ramsey.

Except things got a little heated when Henry took exception to drunken guests making a racket off camera whilst they were trying to record the segment. It seemed like a joke, but it became quickly very obvious that the Comic Relief veteran wasn't playing it for laughs. Norton and Hynes seemed particularly flustered.


"Can you just SHUT UP over there please - it's really noisy. SHUT UP!" he shouted before striding over and adding: "You have to be QUIET - he's trying to make television over here. SHUT UP!"

A nervously laughing Norton diffused the situation by responding: "The funny thing is, Lenny - those are the guests. That's 13 drunken celebrities waiting to come on!"