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14th Oct 2016

Bryan Cranston tells Jimmy Fallon about the time he was a real-life murder suspect

We’re not talking about Walter White here, this actually happened.

Conor Heneghan

Bryan Cranston is famous for playing one of the most notoriously ruthless bastards in the history of the small screen, but from all of the evidence we’ve seen to date, he seems like a thoroughly decent bloke in real life.

Although he might look like he wouldn’t hurt a fly, Cranston was once a prime suspect in a murder investigation in the US, a story he tells in his new book, A Life in Parts and relayed to Jimmy Fallon this week.

While on a two-year motorcycle trip across America in the ’70s, Cranston and his brother spent time working as waiters in a restaurant in Florida.

The chef they were working for wasn’t the nicest guy in the world and the Cranston brothers and their fellow waiters would often talk about how they’d kill him, purely as a form of amusement.

When the chef in question was actually murdered, it didn’t look good for the Cranston brothers as they had recent left town for a bit on their motorcycles.

How did things develop? Well we reckon we’ll let Mr White give you the full story – he tells it far better than we ever could.

Clip via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon