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19th Apr 2017

WATCH: Billy Connolly had everyone in stitches by making jokes about his ill health

Paul Moore

Audiences were deeply moved by the tribute to Billy Connolly. A true inspiration.

In the immortal words of Billy Connolly “before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? You’re a mile away and have his shoes!”

That gag pretty much sums up The Big Yin’s anarchic, madcap and hilarious approach to life, and after seeing the recent ITV documentary, Billy Connolly & Me: A Celebration, it’s clear that his fans have so much respect and admiration for the Scottish comedian, especially given his recent battles with Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Rather than shy away from discussing his ill health, Connolly has continued to do his shows in spite of it.

Being the man he is, the comedian has even made his illness a part of his act with amazing lines such as: “I’ve got Parkinson’s disease and I wish to f*** he had kept it to himself.”

During the documentary, Connolly revealed how he copes with the illness: “When I’m in front of people performing I don’t give it much attention, I perform in spite of it. That’s why I put on Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, just to do that (swearing) to it.”

This anecdote about the advice that Ian Holm gave him is priceless.

Throughout the show, various different people described just how much Connolly’s comedy means to them on a personal level.

Peter Kay described seeing Connolly perform as his “comedy epiphany” and said that “I don’t think there isn’t a comedian in the world that hasn’t learned something from him.”

Doctor Who star David Tennant was completely star struck after meeting him for the first time.

It’s clear the Connolly’s wit, humour and approach to life has resonated with an awful lot of people that watched the show.

Even in ill health, The Big Yin is still doing what he does better than most, making people laugh.

An inspiration.