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10th Jun 2017

People want this cover of My Lovely Horse to be Ireland’s 2018 Eurovision entry

Alan Loughnane

This is actually brilliant…

When it comes to the Eurovision, Ireland has had a very strange relationship.

They’ve won the competition a record number of times. They’ve sent a turkey in a shopping trolley. And everyone’s favourite entry is two priests singing a song about a horse (yes, it’s fictional, that doesn’t mean it’s not everyone’s favourite).

While the original ‘My Lovely Horse’ received zero points on Eurosong, Father Ted and Dougal’s entry is probably the most recognisable song in Ireland to come out of the European singing competition. (And yes, we know it wasn’t actually a real entry, just an episode of one of the greatest sitcom of all time).

But we definitely want to see this version of ‘My Lovely Horse’ by Mullingar band Fallen Lights performed at the Eurovision next year. We think it’s a definite winner in the making…

The band is made up of Graham Dowling, Andrew Cody, Jay Wiley and Joe Murray who’ve been together since 2014.

To promote their new single ‘Pricetag’, the guys have undertaken a mammoth task of 32 gigs in 32 counties in 32 days and they couldn’t resist calling into Father Ted’s house on the way.

If you want to hear more from these fellas, you can find them on Spotify or they’ll be headlining in Whelans on July 29, which will definitely be worth checking out.