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22nd Jan 2017

Aziz Ansari didn’t hold back on Donald Trump in a Saturday Night Live monologue

Conor Heneghan

“Yesterday, Trump was inaugurated. Today, an ENTIRE GENDER protested against him.”

A Saturday Night Live show the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration was always likely to lead to a pop off the new president and comedian Asar Anzari, star of Master of None and Flight of the Conchords amongst other things, didn’t pass up the opportunity last night.

Hitting out at what he deemed “casual white supremacy” that has been creeping into public discourse over the course of the election campaign and beyond and pointing out the significance of the crowds that marched against Trump on Saturday, Ansari pretty much let the new president have it for about 10 minutes.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Ansari’s monologue was his thoughts on what he called a “new group” of Trump supporters, who, Ansari claims, had disguised their racist leanings until Trump’s election and now see no need to do so anymore.

As a comedian, he managed to make the whole thing sound very amusing but there some very serious points in there too.

You can see the monologue in full below.

Clip via Hlpa