Waitress mortified to discover she accidentally turned away Adam Sandler 1 year ago

Waitress mortified to discover she accidentally turned away Adam Sandler

She told Mr Sandler that it would unfortunately be a long wait for food

An employee at American restaurant chain IHOP was left mortified after telling a customer that there would be a long wait for food, which resulted in him leaving, only to later realise it was Adam Sandler.


Sandler made no use of his celebrity status when told by the waitress that there would be a half hour wait for food at the restaurant, and politely left.

The waitress in question, Dayanna Rodas, revealed the encounter on TikTok, and clearly is not over the fact that she was face-to-face with one of the most recognisable actors in the world. In her defence, he did have his face mask on.

@dayanna.rodasPleaseee come back ##comedy ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##adamsandler♬ Be A Clown - ָ࣪ ۰♥︎ Osuna ࣪?꒷

The video of the encounter has been viewed 8.8 million times at present, and garnered 1.9 million likes.

Many in the comments were full of respect for Sandler as well, praising him for the way he just left like any normal person would, and not engaging in any 'do you know who I am?' behaviour.

One user commented: "At least he didn't use his fame to rush anything, he left like a normal person would."


Another agreed, saying: "The fact he could of [sic] said I'm Adam Sandler and didn't is amazing, most celebrities would use their status to get them places."

A third backed up the sentiment that he's clearly a nice down-to-earth guy, writing: "I used to serve him regularly. Never served a nicer person."

Others though were surprised that the waitress didn't recognise Sandler, seeing as he was wearing his signature look: basketball shorts.


One commented: "How'd you not realise it was him with those shorts ??"

Another voiced their amazement, saying: "You saw those shorts and didn't realise it was Adam Sandler???"

As someone who's worked in hospitality though, please can everyone be like Adam when they're told there might be a wait for food. Just like the Sandman, stay humble.