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07th Mar 2018

Viewers spot something weird about Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

James Dawson

Well, this is very odd.

It’s fun to laugh at Piers Morgan, isn’t it? To call him a ham-faced buffoon, a chinless posh-boy, a Kim Kardashian nude-obsessed creepy uncle.

But, come on guys, let’s just get serious for a moment, because his appearance on Good Morning Britain is freaking people out.

Look at this pic.

I mean look at it.

That is not how normal people look. People aren’t usually orange with creepy pale hands, are they? Usually the skin tone of people’s hands is somewhere in the same ballpark as their face. Usually a hand and a face aren’t completely different colours. What is going on?

Someone tweeted.

Piers Morgan then responded.

And, although there’s no definitive answer on why this happened (I’m guessing make-up had a part to play), people did offer a solution.

Apparently hanging out with Donald Trump turns you tangerine.