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09th Jul 2024

Viewers are all saying the same thing about terrifying new thriller

Zoe Hodges

‘I’m engrossed’

New thriller, ‘The Night Caller’ debuted on Channel 5 on Sunday night and viewers were quick to take to social media to give their verdict.

Starring Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee, the four-part series follows a lonely cab driver called Tony, who develops an unhealthy obsession with a late-night radio DJ.

In the first episode, viewers see Tony (Glenister), working night shifts after being dismissed from his teaching job.

One night, he decided to ring late-night DJ Lawrence’s (Pertwee) radio show and to his surprise he immediately gets through. He confides in Lawrence about his troubles and the DJ is full of empathy.

As Tony believes the pair have formed a strong bond his calls to the station become more frequent.

The first episode was a hit with viewers who took to X to praise the show.

One viewer said: “Channel 5’s The Night Caller great show, came across it by accident but safe to say I’m engrossed now.”

Another hailed it as brilliant and looked forward to episode two whilst a third said: “Well I enjoyed it; it’s setting it up for a good few nights of suspense.”

Glenister and Pertwee’s performances were highlighted by viewers with one saying: “Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee are doing a cracking job in #TheNightCaller.”

Meanwhile another raved: “Brilliant stuff from Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee in tonight’s #TheNightCaller premiere.”

Whilst another said Glenister in particular had put in an incredible performance.

Speaking ahead of the first episode Glenister encouraged people to watch the whole series saying that although it starts as a thriller it ‘becomes something far more involved’.

The actor, known for his portrayal of Ash Morgan in Hustle, spoke about what drew him to the role: “It was a bit daunting as a job because Tony is in every scene! But I also like the fact that the series starts as a thriller, and then becomes something far more involved, far more complicated and human.

“If the audience makes a decision about what the show is by the end of episode one they should keep watching, because the chances are the series is not what they think it is.”

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