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19th Apr 2015

Video: Ukip’s Nigel Farage inspires this genius song and music video…

Mr Blobby and Frank Sidebottom also had a hand in it...

Ben Kenyon

Nigel Farage inspires a lot of things.

The Ukip leader’s critics would say it’s mostly intolerance and division.

But now the plane-crash-surviving politician has engendered something far more tuneful than the usual ‘anti-immigration’ refrain.

Some sweet music.


Artist Will Westerman wrote Manifesto (Nigel Farage) in the run up to the General Election in May.

With lines like ‘Kosovo? Isn’t that a cash and carry?’ and ‘They’re living in our parks, after dark, and they’re feasting on our swans’ it certainly makes a statement.

Accompanying the song is a clever video featuring a big cartoon-headed Farage going about his day.

Nigel, who seemingly awakens next to a John Terry doll, finds himself getting more and more irate at his Chinese-made suit, free HIV screenings and Tikka Masala sauce for sale in the ‘British food’ section of his local shop.

(He then lobs it off the white cliffs of Dover).

“After hearing Will’s track fully produced, we all knew it was a perfect chance to get it out there during the election campaign,” said William Farrell, who created the video with Christian Cargill, in an interview with JOE.

“I think the video we’ve created speaks for itself in terms of the message we’re trying to portray of Farage and his party.

“Our biggest influences were Frank Sidebottom and Mr Blobby, as is the case with most art these days.”

It’s not quite got the pizazz of the Green Party’s election advert, but it’s well worth a listen…

Credit: Will Westerman, William Farrell, Christian Cargill