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29th Jun 2015

Video: Shia LaBeouf takes aim at Transformers in freestyle rap

He doesn't Shia-way from a challenge...

Tom Victor

Shia LaBeouf is at it again, following up his bizarre motivational video with a foray into freestyle rapping.

The actor, who starred in the first three Transformers films, dismissed the franchise as “the dummy rap” in his near-three-minute effort, also riffing on Los Angeles and , erm, potatoes.

Other lines from the former child star’s improvisations include “Making no sense and it don’t really matter though, eating any rapper like I’m eating tuna casserole.” We’re not sure what it all means either.

Lyrical genius or nonsensical ramblings? It’s not for us to say.

The reaction on Twitter has been…well, let’s call it ‘mixed’.


It turns out that MC LaBeouf actually plagiarised some of his “freestyle” rap.

The line “The rare commodity, the quality is what it’s gotta be, and my philosophy is farther than what your eyes can see,” is almost identical to a line from the song ‘Perfectionist’ by Anomalies, which you can hear around the 45 second mark below:

LaBeouf was called out on Instagram by a member of the group.

H/T WatchLoud