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15th Mar 2017

Very dirty minded people have spotted something rude about Ed Sheeran’s latest hashtag

Paul Moore

Will you be attending?

After embracing his inner Jules Winnfield and deciding to ‘walk the earth’, Ed Sheeran has returned from his self-imposed exile with a plethora of new tunes, interviews and anecdotes from his time out of the spotlight.

If you’ve had enough of Ed and are in need of some catharsis, take a look at how we think he’ll be killed in Game of Thrones. Good times.

With his new album ÷ selling 7,230,107,201,053 copies worldwide (we’re too lazy to look up the actual figures), it’s quite common to see Sheeran’s name trending on Twitter, but  Radio 1 DJ Greg James has decided to have some fun and put a rather raunchy spin on things.

You might already be familiar with this hashtag blunder because it originates from 2012 and a failed attempt to get Susan Boyle’s name trending. To be fair,  #Susanalbumparty did go viral but it was for all the wrong reasons.

Sheeran himself is even aware of this.

This being said, plenty of people still got a good laugh when they looked at their trending tabs on Twitter.

It appears that Sheeran’s decision to be the butt of the joke and make an ass out of himself is for a good cause. If so, we’re 100% on board.

See, having an #AnalBumParty is always a good idea.


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