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15th Apr 2016

UK company gives its employees time off to watch Game of Thrones

Where do we apply?!

Kevin Beirne

The new Game of Thrones episodes are almost here, and with them come many spoilers.

In the age of the internet, it seems that the only way to avoid having your favourite show ruined for you is to watch it immediately as it airs.

Of course, with most of our favourite programmes coming from the States, this isn’t always possible. But thanks to the popularity of Game of Thrones on these shores, there is a way – just stay up until 2am on a Sunday night/Monday morning and watch Sky Atlantic broadcast the show at the same time as it is being showing to American audiences.

The obviously set back here is the whole “watching TV at 2am on a work night” thing. But one British company has found a way to cater to its employees’ viewing habits.

By offering the mornings off following the airing of the latest adventures in Westeros and Bravos, +rehabstudios – who are based in Belfast – have cemented themselves as probably the coolest employers in the UK.

via rehabstudio

Explaining the decision on their Facebook page, they claimed ‘it’s only fair really’ to give their British-based employees the same Game of Thrones viewing privileges as those in the US.

And don’t worry, a blanket ban on any Game of Thrones chat for 24 hours means it won’t be spoiled for anyone who decides to simply wait for the show to air on Monday night instead.