Two more Black Mirror teasers have arrived, and one of them could be this season's San Junipero 4 years ago

Two more Black Mirror teasers have arrived, and one of them could be this season's San Junipero

Can we just get this in our eyes already?? Stop holding out on us, Netflix!

In case you've missed them, the upcoming fourth season of Black Mirror has been teasing out each of the episodes with short trailers, some of which give a mild indication of the plot, and some others just more of a mood piece.


It kicked off with the Jodie Foster-directed Arkangel, which was then followed by the memory-messing Crocodile.

After that we got Black Museum, which looks like it is taking some notes from recent racism-horror hit Get Out.


Over the weekend we got two more teasers, the first of which was Hang The DJ.

This is the one that we feel has a smack of San Junipero about it. In the short glimpse we get at it, we see a prospective couple on a date, each with a device that seems to tell them how long their current date will last, from minutes to hours to weeks to years. Kind of a mixture of Tinder and an accurate Magic-8 ball.

This particular couple are told they've only got a potential relationship length of 12 hours, and then go their separate ways. But are they able to forget about each other?


Then we got the teaser for Metalhead, from the director of 30 Days Of Night and Hannibal.

In it, we see Maxine Peake (Run & Jump, Shameless) on the run from a dog. Why she's running from a dog, and what will happen if the dog catches her, is still lost on us right now. But just like Arkangel suddenly made us afraid of children, we have a feeling that Metalhead is going to give dog-owners the creeps.

So that makes up five of the six episodes from the new season, with one the teaser for USS Callister, which looks like a Galaxy Quest-esque, Star Trek parody starring Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons.


The only other thing we're still waiting for is an actual release date for the show!

We get the feeling they're gonna do a Beyonce album on it and release it when nobody is expecting it. Which we're totally fine with, especially if that release date happens to be, for example, today.