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29th Aug 2016

Turns out Thor was chilling in Australia during Captain America: Civil War

Enjoying the beach bum life.

Carl Anka

Captain America: Civil War is undoubtedly one of the films of 2016.

But despite the massive superhero themed barney there were a couple of people missing. Namely, the location of two of the original Avengers.

We knew Hulk disappeared at the end of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, departing for “Parts Unknown”.

And Thor mentioned doing some investigative work after that weird fever dream in the pool and thinking something was up with all the Infinity Stones popping up on Earth.

So you’d think Thor was flying around the different realms looking to defend the planet while everyone fought in a German airplane terminal right?

Well… not quite.

As revealed earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, a short mockumentary has revealed that Thor spent Civil War enjoying some R&R in Australia.

“I needed some me time” after “saving Earth,” Thor says. So he moved into a flat with a guy called Darryl and fashioned himself a new life, volunteering at the local school and… not doing much else really.

Oh there’s a big presentation on what’s going on with the Infinity Stones, but much like that zen dude who lived across the hall from you in University Halls, Thor is just enjoying being away from home right now.

The short film is just one of the many treats that will be included along with the DVD and Blu Ray releases of Captain America: Civil War on 2 September. Into our Amazon wishlist you go.

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