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19th Dec 2017

Turns out Rogue One explains one of the major plot-holes in The Last Jedi

Well played

Rory Cashin

How this pays off is actually kind of cool.

Unsurprisingly, The Last Jedi is still on every movie fan’s mind, as the apparently conflicting opinions continue to swirl around the internet.

With the second biggest US opening weekend and fifth biggest worldwide opening weekend of all time, it is already set up to be one of the most watched movies of the year, so of course there is going to be some debate about it.

However, in among all the issues fans might have with the direction the plot is taken in (which we go into in some depth right here), one of the key moments has stirred up some real problems.


… still here? Okay, on we go.

With the rebellion on the run from the overpowering First Order, they attempt to escape via hyperspace, which has worked several times before throughout the series.

However, somehow, the First Order managed to track them even through the space jump, which fans of the franchise felt was more of a shark-jump moment.

Conjuring up new technology just to write the movie out of the corner might smack of desperation, but it turns out that the ground-work had been put in by Rogue One.

As we watched as Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor attempt to steal the Death Star’s blueprints, Erso says the following line of dialogue:

The Empire were already working on hyperspace tracking, and while the Empire did fall, from the ashes we see that The First Order has risen, and with it, they’ve managed to follow on from their technological jumps.

It just goes to show that there is WAY more thought put into this franchise than anyone was giving it credit for, as this one throwaway line of dialogue pays off on a film released a year later, but which takes place about 40 years later.

Well played, Disney, well played.