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17th Jun 2018

It turns out that Love Island conversation on Brexit was actually very accurate

Alan Loughnane

And people laughed

You may remember that infamous chat about Brexit that took place on ITV2’s Love Island.

In what will surely be remembered as one of the defining moments of Brexit, Love Island’s Hayley suggested that Brexit might have an adverse impact on British trees.

On first viewing, the conversation did not seem very well-informed.

We mean, a lot of mockery…

And while we all laughed, it turns out Hayley might have been onto something.

Speaking to The Sun, environmental experts said that Britain will have to rely on foreign tree imports in order to meet its target of planting more than 11 million new trees over the next quarter of a century.

But, Brexit will have an impact the border checks on tree and plant imports, and the necessary capacity to check the trees themselves has not been given toBritain’s Animal and Plant Health Agency.

Speaking to the Sun, an industry official said: “Brexit means we might miss the tree targets, which is exactly what Hayley on Love Island warned about.

“Maybe we should make Hayley national tree champion.”

Looks like Hayley was onto something after all…