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08th Feb 2017

Trust us, you’ll spend hours on this website that mixes famous songs from the noughties

This is addictive.

Paul Moore

Ever wondered what 99 Problems (Jay Z) mixed with A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton) sounds like? This is addictive.

If you’re in a nightclub and absolutely lose your s**t whenever one of your favourite nostalgic tunes comes on, this website is definitely for you.

Do you still know the lyrics to A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton), Tipsy (J-Kwon), Seven Nation Army ( The White Stripes) and countless other tracks from the last two decades?

If this sounds like you then then you’ll be delighted to find a website called the The Magic iPod because it’s about to blow your mind. What the site does is effortlessly mash some of the best tracks from that time period.

Yes, rap-metal (or some even stranger hybrids) are making a comeback because here are the two sets of songs that you can mashup.

If you’ve ever been curious to hear what a mix of Move Bitch (Ludacris) with Float On (Modest Mouse) sounds like, wonder no more.

Prepare to do absolutely no work today. You can embrace your inner DJ here.

FYI, absolutely everything sounds brilliant when it’s mixed with the piano from A Thousand Miles.