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06th May 2015

Trailer: A LEGO Brickumentary

Bricking it...

Nooruddean Choudry

In Jostein Gaarder’s 1991 novel, Sophie’s World, the question is asked: ‘Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?’

Gaarder was of course relating the question to the works of Greek pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus, and his theories on ‘force’, ‘soul’ and atomic structure. But that’s not important right now…

What matters (Get it?! Atoms? Matter? Oh I don’t know why I bother*…) is that there’s a new documentary coming out about the enduring appeal and endless possibilities of the Lego toy.

The doc, or ‘brickumentary’, is directed by renowned filmmakers Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson, and looks like a fascinating exploration of a world – and industry – built on millions of little bricks.

*I’m sorry, I can’t stay mad at you.