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05th May 2018

A Toy Story themed plane now exists and we’re ready to go to infinity and beyond

Keeley Ryan

We’re booking our tickets already, tbh.

The world’s first Toy Story-themed plane hit the skies last week, and it’s a must-see for any fans of the Disney-Pixar classic.

The aircraft is part of a collaboration between China Eastern Airlines and the Shanghai Disney Resort, created to coincide with the opening of the resort’s new Toy Story world.

According to Forbes, the Disney-Pixar theme begins from the moment guests arrive at the airport – with both the check in desks and machines Toy Story-themed.

On the outside of the plane, there’s a massive Buzz Lightyear emblazoned down the side – with Sheriff Woody following behind him.

Space Rangers (or passengers, if you prefer) will be given a commemorative boarding pass, with the tray tables, luggage storage and even the headrests decked out with some beloved Toy Story characters.

Even Lotso, the kinda evil Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story 3, makes an appearance.


When it’s time to dine, there’s also a menu that is entered around the Toy Story characters – with plenty of themed food and drink options.

The Shanghai Disney Resort also has a Toy Story-themed hotel, so basically, it’s a Toy Story fan’s dream.

China Eastern Airlines also has two other aircrafts inspired by the House of Mouse, featuring both Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Disney Parks report that the airplane will fly between Beijing and Shanghai, with service to other cities in China in the future.